Friday, September 4, 2009

Crafty Kids

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Summer Reading Party - 2009

It is always hard to get pictures of the madness that is our Summer Reading Party.

Ventriloquist Bruce Weaver visited the library

Summer Reading kicked off on July 7th, 2009!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

3rd Annual Poetry Contest Winners


Adult Category (ages 18 and up)

Time to Let You Go

by Valerie Abbott

It’s oh so sad that God decided to take you in his arms tonight-

He’d concluded that your lifetime journey had to come to a close and then showed you his beautiful light.

You closed your eyes as you whispered your final good-bye and to Heaven’s gate you soared-

No longer are you present here on this Earth, but instead have found yourself at God’s door.

The Angels were there to welcome your presence and quickly measured you for your wings-

Then they held you close and sang for you, as the church bells loudly did ring.

But, while you’re in Heaven, and peaceful and content, your family still grieves for you-Please know that even though you’re in a better place, we will never stop loving you!

So now it is time for us to reminisce on how you have blessed us all-

You helped us to face adversity and through troubling times we were able to stand so tall.

So, yes, we will shed some tears, but we will also remember the good times, too-

Where once we were able to spend some quality time together, we now have only memories of you.

And although your life has now ended, another journey for you has begun-

God chose this new path for you to take, so who are we to judge?

But a place in our hearts is where you will stay and from there forever grow-

We love you and wish you only the best, but it’s now our time to let you go!

1st Place Winner

Teen Category (ages 13-17)


By Brittany Farley

Age 17

On this day, one day among many,

You sit and think about what you may do.

Chill with friends, clean your room.

But this day may not be like normal days.

Everyday is different in its own way.

No one’s day is the same as someone else’s.

Some may be happy, some sad;

Some you may not know what they are.

Days can be short or long.

Boring or fun.

They can be what you want them to be.

But you may not always know what you want.

The day moves along for ever and ever,

But when night comes, it seems too short.

Night and day,

Dusk and dawn, are they all the same?

1st Place Winner

Juvenile Category (ages 12 and under)


By Corey Carpenter

Age 11

Earth is very colorful

With birds, bees, and trees,

Men and beasts, birds and plants,

They thrive and come alive on it

They go through storms together

Earth is wondrous and unique

Just spins and spins

Never stopping

Honorable Mention

Teen Category

Recognizing theGreat

By Kenneth Douglas

Age 14

The things I see

While I forget to remember

Why great things happen

Without being asked

A cat that stopped at crosswalks

When I stopped

To a friend that played well with others

While I watched in the wind

For the things I forget

to remember

of all

that I love to remember.

Honorable Mention

Juvenile Category

Wedding Bells

By Alyssa Garner

Age 9

I’m a flower girl walking down the aisle,

smiling a pretty smile.

The bride takes one step then she pauses before taking another

so I think to myself, this will take her all day.

After what seems like two hours,

it is finally coming to an end.

My mom tells me this is the moment I should not miss…

but it was really gross because I saw them kiss!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Meet local teen fantasy author, K.E. Bruder

Thursday, April 23, 2009
6:30PM - 9PM Meet local teen fantasy author, K.E. Bruder
Local author, from right here in Shortsville, will be in the library all evening signing copies of her first novel, The Tir Nan Og chronicles : the curse of the lost onyx. Bruder, who is just a teenager herself, has been autographing at Borders in Victor and Barnes & Noble in Pittsford and now at RJCL. The novel is about a girl named Elisabeth O'Reilly who grew up being told of a mythical land called Tir Nan Og and its ten towns. Years later she finds out the fairy tales are real.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

3rd Annual Red Jacket Community Library Poetry Contest

To enter you must first write an original poem, then put your name, age and phone number on the BACK. Finally, submit the poem to the library by May 4th. You may send your entry by mail or drop it off at the library. One entry per person. All ages are welcome to submit. Poems will be posted in the library and judged by our patrons.

Prize categories will be:

Adult (age 18 and up),

Young Adult (ages 13-17), and

Juvenile (ages 12 and under).

Prizes will be given at an Awards Ceremony and Open Mike night to be held at the Ice Cream Shoppe & Coffee Café, 9 North Main St., Manchester on June 2 at 7PM.